Client Area

Thanks for inviting me into your space and allowing me to document your special moments! Here are your digital files. You & your loved ones can order directly through this site. There is a shopping cart on the upper, right hand of each image. Just pick the portrait size and quantity you'd like.

  • If we've talked about creating an album, please message me when you're ready to start creating!
  • If you need help creating a "Portrait Wall" Display for your home, message me! I LOVE creating wall art for families!!! I have no intention of leaving you hanging with only digital files. I'm in this with you girl!
  • Please download your digital files within 10 days and please back them up in 2 separate locations for safe keeping (flash drive, external hard drive, google photos, etc).

As usual, do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions! Xoxo, Mary